The Cherry Cult


At least it’s not nearly as spendy as my previous MAC addiction, but I’ve definitely joined the Cherry Cult.  Cherry Culture has this habit of sending me sale codes on already well priced products in literally every color of the rainbow; Though, I must admit, I’m still trying to pin down the exact indigo eyeshadow I want.

NYX, Milani, and La Colors are so far my favorites among many brands.  They have great colors, great prices, and are CRUELTY FREE!  Gosh darn it, it is hard to find cruelty free bold colors at the local drugstore.

If they throw in a free lipgloss (they usually do), make sure you don’t get coffee.  It sounded fun but it is icky:P

Mia2 By Clairsonic

Oh man. I wanted this thing for months, but was afraid to buy it because, let’s face it, it’s a little spendy for cleaning your face. Fortunately I was gifted it for my birthday a few weeks ago, and now I’m evangelizing!

In the package is a sample of cleanser for normal/oily skin, a recharger, the unit, a cover and a travel case. Since I have dry skin, I immediately eschewed the cleanser to my “sample basket”.

The charging system uses a magnetic connection so that the unit can be completely sealed, making it safe to use in the shower and to immerse in water. I have charged it overnight once and used it twice daily for two weeks, so the charge lasts a long time.

Use is simple and takes exactly one minute (timed). Wet face with warm water, smear on cleanser, then use the brush on forehead, nose/chin, cheek and other cheek. The cleaning times are pre-set and a pulse informs you when it’s time to move on. There have been times when I needed a moment more here or there, but I simply started a new cycle and paused the unit when I was done. After a couple minutes on pause it will turn off.

There are two speeds, and ater some experimentation, I think I prefer the “fast” speed. The difference is subtle, though, and both speeds will invigorate and cleanse well.

I have to say, I noticed an immediate difference in my skin texture. After about three days of regular use, impurities started working to the surface in the form of a mile breakout, but I persisted. Two weeks later, I am noticing a more even coloration in my skin, which is amazing. For years I’ve had redness on either side of my nose and uneven coloration in my “T-Zone”. I am using half as much foundation and nearly no “green” concealer!

Yes, it’s spendy. But I’m going to have to say I think it’s worth it. As I age, my beauty routine has become increasingly complex and this actually simplifies it dramatically! You can get a Mia2 by Clairsonic at ULTA, Sephora, and numerous Amazon retailers.


I have never been one to possess mad skillz with the taming of the hairs. Honestly, my hair is fine, curly, and massive- ie. there’s a dang lot of it.  It prefers to fly away, and I’ll most often just let it or tie it down (or up) but I’m learning to wrest it into submission.


To tame the beast: added Renpure Organics Brazilian Keratin Treatment (alleged 14 day straight – Shyeah Right! Unless you wash. O-o) to freshly cleaned damp hair, pulled straight  with a comb while using a hairdryer to completely dry, boggled at the laughably static filled fluffly (thought straightish) mess, applied a ton of Bio-lage leave in conditioner, and flat ironed small sections until it was all straight.  Much Argan oil and maybe 1.5 hours later…

Ta- DA!

Eat it.


Adventures in bleachery

My name is Catherine and I am a dyehard.

Several years ago, I stopped torturing my hair. Stopped any and all coloring. Zero chemical processes, no cuts, only light trims, and spent the entire winters with my hair in “protection” (usually slathered with conditioner and hidden under a wig). Then I found a white hair.

And all heck broke loose. I started regular bleaching and coloring with demi-perm depositing tints like Manic Panic, Punky Color, and Color Jamz. It’s fun, and becoming more and more mainstream.

Over the last few months, though, I’ve had an issue where no matter what color I dye my hair, it fades to pink. Don’t get me wrong, pink looks fantastic on me, but I’m tired of it. So I tried to bleach out the leftover pink. THREE TIMES. With little luck, I decided to give up before I destroyed my hair.

I have a fantastic new do thanks to my amazing stylist Jen at the Northside Chop Shop (photos to come) and I’m ready to rock the platinum (even if it does have a few pink spots).  If anyone knows of a good GENTLE removal method for those last dregs of faded color, do let me know!